Alternative Modern Technology Product

Modern chemical products for large-format printing houses and advertising companies.

  AMT Dystrybucja - About us


Alternative Modern Technology Product - AMT Dustrybucja is a Polish company founded in 2006. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been manufacturing chemical products used in large-format printing houses and advertising companies. The company's strategy is to provide the market with very good quality products containing innovative solutions.


AMT liquid laminates are based on water-soluble synthetic polymers. It obtains a glossy, matte or satin (depending on the type) and smooth surface while preserving the texture of the material. They protect the surface against external conditions while maintaining the original color of the surface. Laminating over prints is the only method that allows to extend the exposure time in changing and harmful external conditions, such as UV radiation, abrasion, air humidity, etc. They can be used on various types of printing substrates, applied with a roller, brush or laminators.